Things to do at house parties?!

Question: Things to do at house parties?
My parents are going away in September, and I will be living at home for a week by myself...(sister and dog are living with my nana & grandad). I am thinking of having a house party...not too many people and they would be stopping over. There will be plenty of alcohol, so I don't really need to worry about them being bored...but would just like some ideas of what we could do, e.g films, drinking games etc. I know its in September, but i'm excited about it ;).


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Turn on the music and dance.

Hey, you really, really don't need to be racking your brains for ideas! What ideas do bars/pubs and clubs have? Three; people, music and drink! Simples. Maybe you could get some cool things to jazz up your house a little as if it was a bar though And maybe some joke/funny stuff too, like face masks or whatever. Try, they've got drinking games there as well, beer pong etc.

beer pong is always popular, set up cups at the end of a table in a bowling pin style, and fill them half way with beer, you bounce the ball and try to get it into the cup, if you do you chose someone from the opposite team to drink it,

Also gaining much popularity is the wii game "just dance 2:

I know you think that not too many people will be there, but you should prepare yourself for a lot more than you expect. Have a plan in place for when a bunch of drunk randoms show up at your door.
Other than that, be sure to have good music to dance to, and loud! Set up your iPod and speakers and clear a space so people can dance.

If you're going to have a house party, have some movies (and munchies).

And DON'T post info about the party on Facebook (heard about someone doing that. Chaos resulted).

Stimulate point

this may sound funny :) How about praying together for world peace

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