What to do at my 18th party?!

Question: What to do at my 18th party?
I'm throwing a party for my 18th birthday. So far, there's gonna be music, food, and charades. What else?

I don't want people to be bored.


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Mm; So I'm Assuming It's A House Party ~

Well; How About A Black Light Party; You Could Hire Dances Floors Depending On Your Budget, Blast The Music Up; Purchase Glow Sticks For Every Individuals; Purchase Strobe Lights; Hire A DJ;

Snacks: Chips; Nachos; Sliced Bread; Lollies
Food: Spaghetti; Lasagna; Hamburgers; Chicken; Pizza; Steak; Tacos Etc...
Drink: Fruit Punch; Soda; Smoothie; Water; Etc...
Dessert: Your Birthday Cake [Recommendation: Ice Cream Cake], Cookies Or Brownies; Cupcakes, Etc...

If It's Outside; How About A Beach Party? There's Heaps Of Activities: Swimming, Volleyball, Soccer; Football; Attempt To Get A Tan; Communicate; Bring A Stereo Or Borrow A Stereo And Dance Around; Have Buffet Table Or Home Made Meals, Etc...

Good Luck

I'm glad you're not using this day to drink. Invite enough people so there is plenty of mingling and no one gets bored. Don't be afraid to invite people with different interests or who do not know each other. This promotes introductions and new friendships. Don't leave out family. They have a natural tendency to come to your rescue if you need it. Helping serve, clean up etc. Have a happy birthday.

try a cheese tasting game with blindfolds and you have to guess the cheese (trust me its fun) or shaving cream sculptures (its really messy but super funny ) if you dont want a mess try a costume party and tell ppl to be appropriate


Well most people (including me, get super drunk). I would NOT recommend it tho, the next day is so not worth it. but hey thats what everybody wants.

good stories good pple.. make sure everyone is cool, got to have good food.. dance dance dance..

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