Need Helpp... Party Plans for a 31 year old.?!

Question: Need Helpp... Party Plans for a 31 year old.?
I'm supposed to plan my step-mothers 31st birthday.... I have no idea what I should do... I need ideas like things they could do games that are fun... Please helpp thanks.


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ummmm @ glamorous....its for the step MOTHER not FATHER lol

Think about his interests. Most guys love sports, so maybe a sports themed party. If the weather is nice, you could do games outside, like cornhole, horseshoes, flag football, etc. Your local party decor store should have NFL or College party favors. Or, if he likes to play cards or poker, do a poker party. Have a poker table set up for games, and again, your local party decor store should have poker themed favors (plates, cups).

Are there going to be a lot of children there or something? If not,I'm not convinced by the idea of "games" to be honest, unless your planning adult entertainment like a ''casino night' where you rent stuff (you do this by not playing for money, but the person who wins the highest amount of the fake money wins a bottle of wine or something.

Generally adult parties just need good wine, good company and good music. They're supposed to find each others conversation entertaining haha.

Do you have any money available for this or you're only looking for free ideas?


spa and then meal:)

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