i got invited to a party?!

Question: I got invited to a party?
so i got invited to this party and i do wanna go but my mom isn't one of those mom's that let's there kid goes to parties and stuff and gets drunk. So i'd have to sneak around it.. like get a ride there and then crash there and then get a ride back to my friends house and get picked up there. But i am also very paranoid about this, i've never been to a party like this before but i drunk and smoked before. But on Saturday night, some of my friends went to a hotel party, My friend got really drunk and got alcohol poisining and had to go to the hospital.. and the cops caught them and they all have to go to court. I'm just wondering.. would this happen to me and how should i sneak around so my mom doesn't find out?


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don't do it then you wont get caught. Anybody can get alcohol poisoning. You will come out of it grounded or in the hospital, or going to court. If you get caught underage drinking you will have to go to court and they will tell your parents and then you are really ******.

don′t.even if you do not drink and an accident happens you′ll be in trouble.
drugs and alcohol are always a gamble.and as with gambling you are bound to lose if not the first time(or timeS)eventually.
why open doors that you will not be able to close?

dont drink and u should be fine

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