Help! 16th birthday!?!

Question: Help! 16th birthday!?
For my 16th, one of my ideas is to do something with my group of friends (around 11 people, guys and girls) then go for dinner somewhere somewhat fancy. After that wed come to my house, where it would be decorated in a pink theme upstairs. Wed have cake, hang out, play games, wtv. Then the guys would leave and wed have asleepover. I just dont know what to do before we go out for dinner. what could i do?? (i live in mtl btw, and its winter. )



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you could rent a limo that would take all of you to dinner! but you don't have to do anything before dinner. you could go bowling or ice skating or to a movie before dinner

You guys should smoke weed im being 100% serious its safer then taking aspirin and less addictive then coffee and is a great time with friends and there have been no deaths in the history of the world to overdoes on it you would have to smoke 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes which is physically impossible

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