Want ideas for a party?!

Question: Want ideas for a party?
I am first time pregnant and want to do a party for all my husbands friends..I don't wanna spend to much time cooking...want it simple but grand ..Please suggest some menu ideas.appetizers ,easy to eat .(not Mexican)


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appetizers: spinach artichoke dip with dippers
entree: several different pizzas cut into small squares
sides: caesar salad; garlic-cheese bread
dessert: cheesecake bars

Burgers and fries/tater tots are always a good answer. If your husbands friends like beer/wine that is obviously a good choice and easy to pick up. Lots of chips with dips/salsa always look professional/ good an require little or no effort. Bite size things like jalapeno poppers or pigs in a blanket are easy (Just stick them in the oven) but can come off with a less "flashy" appeal. Plus, you can talk with friends and family while waiting for them to be ready. Fruit salad, chicken/caesar salad, other salads are good appetizers.

Just suggestions, but Its obviously all up to you.


cocktail meatballs, chicken wings, dips and chips, pulled bbq pork and rolls, cupcakes.

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