What should we do for our sweet sixteen?!

Question: What should we do for our sweet sixteen?
me and my friend our having a 16 birthday party together in june. its gonna be early june like maybe june fifth or something. anyways since its summer we may go to the beach or something, we dont know yet! we live on the east coast so think of something we can do east coast keep it in va, ny, states like that ...hehe. any ideas for what to do and where to go? and should we have it be a day beach thing? ahh help!! haha. it wont be a big party mostly like 20 ppl.


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sweet memory of the celebration

Have a big blowout,!! Because you are finally 16! I have always liked the idea of a Masquerade Sweet sixteen party. You can have everybody wear masquerade mask and rent out a local place for you to have it at,! Get your local and favorite radio station DJ to come out and DJ your party,! Oh and if you don't prefer that one of my friends had a big blowout for hers and her theme was " Sixteen in the City" instead of Sex in the City! Everyone came in beachy kinda fancy dresses and Paris Hilton sunglasses,! Hope I helped and if i didn't check out the website below!;)



Have a beach bar b q party! Get some tent s and set them up on the beach and cook and listen to music with an equal amount of y'alls friends. Every one could go swimming, dance to y'alls fav music, o just tan! Thats what I do for my bday every year! And if thats to boring have a sleep over party at some ones house too.

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