18th birthday party ideas, HELP?!

Question: 18th birthday party ideas, HELP?
i turn 18 on a a wednesday and because its a weekday i really cant do much
so what is better

1) hire a hall and a dj and have family and friends over for a fancy dress party on saturday
2) friday night go clubbing with friends
and saturday night have family and 'close' friends over for a dinner with music



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I'm a straight female and I went to a strip club with all my girlfriends. It was a *RIOT*!!!
We all wore those trashy clothes that we had in our closet but NEVER dared to wear in public! (you know the ones!)

And if it's a weekday, you don't have to worry about a bunch of guys pushin' up on you!

Or...you could play it "Grandma" style and storm the bingo hall!

Definitely number 2!

I do that every year, go hang out with friends one night and party and dress up. then have a family dinner and hang out time. Its the best because you aren't responsible for entertaining people both nights. If you host a dinner and a huge party, you are going to be exhausted and stressed out.So just rent a limo, go out with friends, and stay out all night. then have some people over for dinner to relax and open presents :) maybe indulge on an expensive dessert or something.

Depends on local laws. I am a male so on my 18th i went to a strip club. and bought my first pack of smokes. You should do something that legaly you couldnt do before you turned 18. Its a right of passage

There is a party section on this website and you will see planning advice and themes, etc,. Let me know if it was useful: http://tinyurl.com/25edn65



Have a cake on Wed, and have a nice evening with your family and friends on the weekend.

go clubbing

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