I'm turning 17 tomorrow. Do people normally have a birthday party at this age?!

Question: I'm turning 17 tomorrow. Do people normally have a birthday party at this age?
If so what do people do for parties at this age? Where would i do for people


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Of course they do. Dancing, skating, bowling, making out, listening to music, bonfires on the beach. . . .

where are you from? Another planet?

It depends. In some families, everyone's birthday is celebrated with a party, while in others, not so much. And some who party do it on a grand scale, renting a hall and having a couple hundred guests come dance, eat, drink and make merry, while the rest of us settle for a small family gathering with something special, like your favorite dessert and a small gift or two. Ask yourself: what is my family history in this regard? And do you want to institute major changes just this once? Will family and friends go along? Or might you want to save your resources for a really important life event, like your wedding?
I will offer only this suggestion: don't let partying become an obsession.

Yeah! You can definitely have a party. The kind of party depends on what you prefer--you can have a small get-together at your house or out to a nice restaurant with just your closest friends, or you can invite a large group and maybe come up with some kind of activity to go out and do. Go to a movie, go bowling, visit a theme park, depends on what is in the area.
Happy Birthday!

Rent a limo and go to a nice dinner, have a nice evening on the town. Go have a bonfire with some friends at the beach. Camping trip with ghost stories prepared. Or do something that is during the day like sky diving or skiing or whatever activity would be fun for you. Take a trip to the amusement park. Go to a rave.


I'm turning 40 this year and I'm planning a big party.

Celebrate being alive.

Dinner and games at home.

Hit the nearest amusement park with friends.

Is there anything that you've always wanted to do, but haven't?

no not always just depends some people this is not a major year to them really the major party years atop once you reach 13 then pick up at 16 then kinda hold off till you turn 18 then hold off again till you turn 21 that is the major, biggest party of your life

Are you kidding me? I am planning my 30th birthday party this year. When I turned 25 my friends and I went ice skating like a bunch of kids.

Are you one of those old people trapped in a young person's body? Snap out of it!

Of COurse they do People have birthdays Parties at every age. Now at 17 its not going to be pin the tail on donkey and things like that, but of course have a party you only turn 17 once.

Have a great Birthday.

You should have a kick *** birthday party... Every one should always celebrate their birthdays. I would celebrate mine every day but then I'm a bit exaggerated.
HAPPY 17TH!!!!!!!!!!

Well iiCant Really say Anything Becuase iiTurn 17 Sat. && iiDk iiF iiM Goiin Tu Have Muh Partii Or Not Bt Onee Thing Onee Have Funn !!!! Happy Birthday !!!

Sure you can have a party at any age. How about something at home for your family and close friends?

yes , well they should , 16 is a devil's number , 17 is better , you should throw a party , sweet 17

Heeellll yeahhhh!!!! house party!

people have birthday parties every year, you dont grow out of it. what your parents dont celebrate their own birthdays?

No, Sweet Sixteen is the last biggie, until 21.

talk to the garlicbread

Ask your parents to take you to Paris!!!! :D



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