Doing a candy buffet for my wedding...?!

Question: Doing a candy buffet for my wedding...?
My colors are going to be turquoise, brown, and ivory. Do you think it would look tacky if i DONT stick with the wedding colors for the candy buffet?


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No, it's your day and you can do whatever you want. People attending will remember how gorgeous you looked and how happy they are for you, not the theme of the candy bar. You can have different themes. You could incorporate your colors with linens and plates and and back drops if you choose. Or simply create a new theme for your candy bar. Again, it's your day to make your memories that you will always have to look back on. Do what pleases you.

There are going to be parts of your wedding that do not match (possibly) like places in the building you set up your wedding at, or maybe someone has dressed in a manner different to what you wanted.

Foods come in all colors and shapes and are really meant to be eaten after they are looked at, so I don't think it will hurt you to have food that does not match.

The important thing is to do what makes you happy. Your wedding is a special day and no one can ruin it for you (and if they try, that is a relationship that needs some revisiting). I say if you are not pressured by your family to meet certain perfections at your own wedding, you should do whatever you want.

You deserve that. ^_^

If it turns out weird, it can be something you look back at and laugh over. Have fun on your wedding day and congratulations!

No, not at all! I love the colors of your wedding, and I think if you used other colors as part of your candy bar it would easily incorporate additional colors into your day and would really make the candy bar pop! Have you considered what colors you wanted to include in your candy bar? I was thinking, if you didn't want other bold colors, you could always uses more muted tones with the candy selection like white, yellows and other muted shades. Check out this candy selection that lets you browse by candy colors,… Maybe this will bring some ideas to mind on what type of colors you'd like to use among your wedding candy bar. Best of luck to you on the planning and congratulations!

That is such a cool idea! No, I think you should go nuts with the candy and do anything you want with it and make it really bright and colourful!! =D

Def not! I think if you try and keep colour theme for candy it will look OTT!

Candy bar should be fun fun fun and there are all the colours of the rainbow that you can use.

Not at all :o). The candy buffet should not have to abide by the color scheme.

no but i would pick a separate color theme for that

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