Birthday party please?!

Question: Birthday party please?
My birthday is on Feb. 5th and my mom wants me to start thinking about what i want to do.
But my problem is- I have no idea what I want to do.. I'm thinking about possibly a sleepover,
but my mom says I can do something extra :] So, here's some of the things I like..

- Themes ha ha. Last year I had a purple party ha ha.
- Just a place to be random, me and my friends are always yelling and just being random, so something where we can do all that without getting yelled @.

I know its not much 2 work w/ but I'm hoping you can help!

No painting things or movies.



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Have you ever done a Mall scavenger hunt before? You didn't say how many for your party, but that would be fun...and then plan the activities for your, playing the wil game Just Dance if you have it, card games, making brownies or cupcakes or ice cream sundaes. Do a craft together...paint t-shirts w/puffy paint or tie-dye.

Make your sleep party a "Mystical Magic" party...deep blues and silver stars and read each other's fortunes---make keepsake candle holders: get small round clear glass bowls (dollar store), some gold spray paint in a can, votive candles, and a tub of water (use an old plastic dishpan). Fill with water and spray a good bit of gold paint all on the top of the water. Then holding the bowl, carefully swirl in around in a circle to pick up the paint on the OUTSIDE of the bowl only...... Set on cardboard to dry. Repeat with more paint for each bowl. When dried, insert candle and you have a mystical keepsake.

have a party in a room filled with purple grapes. you guys can step on the grapes to get the juices out, thus creating a swimming party!!! Also you could have Barney come and sing about sharing. GOODBYE AND THANKS FOR THE INVITE


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