Survey question on ice cream?! Need as much answers as possible...?!

Question: Survey question on ice cream?! Need as much answers as possible...?
What is YOUR favorite ice cream flavor, and WHY?

My favorite ice cream flavor is Orange Sherbert, because it tastes soft and sweet and refreshing. It also feels light (:


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banana :) my mum makes it. its double cream, bananas (mashed obvs) with some sugar, mixed together and left to freeze. is the best, cos its a bit healthy, has no additives, can be served with a hot toffee sauce and choc chips if you like, and is the creamiest ice cream ever!!!!!!

mint choc chip- because the point of ice cream is that it's a sweet and REFRESHING treat, so you get the sweet treat part from the chocolate and the refreshment from the mint..perfection in my eyes!! even better when there is brownie bits in it for texture :)

My favourite flavour of icecream is Passionfruit, mainly becuase it has the bits of seed in it whith are crunchy and the passionfruit adds a lovely hint of acidity to balance out the creaminess of the icecream itself.

B&J Cherry Garcia perfect blend of ice cream cherries and chocolate - the flavors supportt each other.

Bubblegum-it has bubblegum- one of my favorite small snacks and the flavor is great

Cookies and cream. My favorite cookie is the oreo so it's a double treat to find bits of cookie in yummy vanilla icecream.

Cherry Vanilla


it's cool and refreshing

chocolate chip with cherries

choc fudge brownie.. i love chocolate icecream n like the lil brownie pieces it's just so yummy

Cookies 'n' Creme. I'm a big oreo fan so to me its really cremey and delicious

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