soup and salad for june wedding?!

Question: Soup and salad for june wedding?
What soups would be good for my June wedding? Having soup and salad in the evening for a very casual reception. Is this normal and have you been to a wedding where this was the dinner selection


Salad: Spinach tossed with Grilled Shrimp and a Bacon Vinaigrette (you can leave out the shrimp if cost is an issue) and offer a dressing without bacon for vegetarian friends.
Soup: I would offer two kinds: Tomato Florentine and Italian Wedding Soup

If it's in June, it's in the summer, right? Yeah :D

So...probly something light and maybe a cool, refreshing salad.

I have never heard of soup and salad for a wedding, but I think it's a great idea :D

Vichyssoise and salad of watercress

Italian wedding soup would be good

Lemon rice is little more filling because of the rice.


Just some chicken noodle soup or potato soup would be fine. Those are some of my faves

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