How Many Pizzas Should I Order?!

Question: How Many Pizzas Should I Order?
We are having a party with 14 kids and 14 adults + or - a few. All of the kids are boys between 8 and 13. How many pizzas should I order?


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Well, 14 + 14 is 28. So that's about 28 pizzas. However, 1 slice of pizza can't full most people. So your going to need to buy 2 slices per person. So, 28 *2 is 56. So now you have 56 pizzas. You said there might be a few more people, so why don't u add 4 more pizzas, making it 60. You don't wanna add more than four because you said minus a few people. You don't want that much leftovers!

So order about 60 pizzas. Wow.

That's a lot of pizza man.


As you know, boys this age eat a ton of food. SO.....I think .......14 boys x 4 slices pizza each = 56 slices. 14 adults x 2 slices each = 28 slices. 56 + 28 = 84 slices. If you order large pies here they have 8 slices per pie so you'll need 10 pies for 80 slices so you'll need 11 pies. Hope this helps!

I'm a Chef

I always plan on 3 slices per person. So, that works out to usually about 3 people per large pizza. So 3 divided by 28 would be equal to you needing to order about 9 or 10 large pizzas.

Good luck.

probably between 20 and 25

OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!

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