Can someone give me some great adult party games please.?!


Can someone give me some great adult party games please.?

O sure.

We used to play this game when we were looking for a lot of fun. It's called SARDINES.

Take a deck of cards and count out just enough to cover the number of people in the party. Designate ONE of these cards as the SARDINE. Now, hand out the cards, one to each player, each keeping their own card a secret.

Now, everyone moves to a far end of the room and you turn out the lights. You wait 5 or 10 minutes while the sardine gets in position. (The sardine is finding a hiding place.)

Now, everyone gets down on the floor (it's safer than stumbling around in the dark and falling) - and you crawl around looking for the sardine.

When you encounter someone in the dark, you ask quietly
"Are you the sardine?" If the answer is no, then you both move on.

If the answer is YES, you are now also a sardine, and in so being, are obligated to get in close with the other sardine (or sardines, as the night goes on.) The fun comes in being pressed together in the dark and trying to remain quiet while the straglers try to find the rest of the sardines.

You can set a timer so that the game doesn't take all night, and have a prize for the first to find the sardine, or heck, just finding and being a part of that group huddling in thedark can be pretty fun, too.

Drink a bit.....and start the game again.....

Strip Trivial Pursuit?

Strip video games. Any time someone gets hit in the game, they do a shot. Lose a life or lose that round of the game, remove an article of clothing.

spin the bottle ,truth or dare

You can play card games like poker, last card and others u find interesting.

Dirty Minds and Dirty Dice

Well i know one it is sex in the city or dirty laundary,strip poker the rule to strip poker is when ever somone loses she or he has to take off one of there clothes.

lol, i dono strip poker?....

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