whats with the spice (synthetic weed)?!

Question: Whats with the spice (synthetic weed)?
ok so i was smoking spice with my friend, i had a gram of what they said was good watermelon spice. we smoked it all and i had a tiny bit more. i felt really really high, my muscles hurt in a weird way, i was loud talking, my voice was higher pitch, i was very lovey, hugging people (but i tend to be like that sometimes), couldnt walk straight, super giggly.
that all normal?


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If you have ever smoked real pot...its not the same "high" feeling. You really shouldn't smoke that crap, they've banned it in most states. Because it can't be regulated..technically speaking..people can add whatever they want before its distributed. I've smoked it. It's terrible. Seriously don't smoke it.

that stuff has MORE chemicals than cigs. please take care of your body! that is so gross. that stuff KILLS people quicker. remember JUST because it's "legal" doesn't mean it's safe. it's not even evaluated by the FDA.

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