What would you do for a klondike bar?!


What would you do for a klondike bar?

what would you have me do for a klondike bar, cause right now, i would do it......

clean the fridge. but that's about it.

Go to the store & pay a buck or two. :-)

go to thedamn store and buy one!...but not really cause I dont really care for them that much...but while Im there I'll grab some ben and jerrys and still be happy!

run a mile, flip over backwards, crawl through mud, do the disgusting fear factor stunt, write a hundred page essay, fix a million computers, read hundreds of books, paint my house, clean my house...


absolutely nothing, but Mayfield's Banana Pudding Icecream is a whole new ball game

Buy one!

dance the jig!

Slaughter Anyone That Gets Between Me And That Klondike Bar!

If I wanted it bad enough.....get in my car and go buy one....or make my husband go out and get it!!!

Go buy a box full of them from Target...


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