Favorite Chocolate?!


Favorite Chocolate?

What's your favorite chocolate?

A. Milk Chocolate
B. White Chocolate
C. Dark Chocolate

I am putting chocolates in gift bags for a baby shower. Trying to decide which chocolates to use.

A. Milk chocolate is my favorite. You get Hershey Kisses and Hershey Hugs. They'd be cute in a baby shower gift bag.


I love milk chocolate

Both milk and dark. I find white chocolate too sweet

Mine is Hershey's Special Dark so ti would be "C".

milk and i am obssed with dark


A: milk chocolate

C Dark Chocolate


Use all of them because not everyone likes the same ones. I love dark chocolate.

DARK! my absolute favourite. Though I used to like White.

this question was asked before. But then, I delight in answering questions about chocolates.

A) Milk chocolate - specifically Swiss Toblerone with honey nougat bits

Milk chocolate

definitely milk chocolate

Here's my order of favor:
#1 - Milk chocolate
#2 - White chocolate
#3 - Dark chocolate (healthwise, it comes 1st)

Mmmm! Makes me crave for a piece right now! :)


If you live in California, go buy a bunch of chocolate truffles from See's Candies. Absolutely the creamiest hit of sweet, dark chocolate to be found on this earth.

milk chocolate. current fave is cadbury break.

milk choco

swiss dark chocolate... yumm

I love milk chocolate.

Put a mixture, I like all three

use a mix that way everybody's happy!

Milk or white. Dark is bitter

Hershey Kisses

Swiss chocolate!!!
for your shower...use all three.

use the white chocolate....that is always a good choice at baby showers


maybe chocolate covered cherries wrapped individually and white chocolate hearts?

if it is a baby shower maybe you could get some shapped white chocolate that can be colored blue and pink in whatever shapes you choose :P

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