teen birthday party ideas?!

Question: Teen birthday party ideas?
Im having my 14th birthday party this febuary and its theme is sorta winter wonderland-y-ish... haha... im inviting around 6 people (boys and girls).... i live on a lake that freezes in the winter so we r going to ice skate on it... but i cant think of any other ideas to do at my party... we will be ice skating for a while probably but i dont want to just skate my whole party because i want to top my birthday from last year:
we went on a scavenger hunt all around town. my mom drove one team in her car and my dad drove the other team in his car. we had clues leading us to different places and we had to find and buy different things. we had team t-shirts too.
so yeah i wanna top that. What are some not stupid activities we can do? we are all 13 and 14 except for my one freind who is 11. it doesnt matter if they are indoor or out door activities. thanks soooo much!!!


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Every party has to have a theme.Yours is a Winter Wonderland theme...Try to have the theme all the way through the party.

I would recommend you to wear one of those ice-skating tutus and wear a tiara.Curl your hair and add silver spray and keep the make-up natural.(Just cover up blemishes,put a little rosy blush(So it looks like you went out for a walk) and some pink lip tint or the pink vaseline tin(It gives you a natural tint)

For my 14th Birthday party last year, I had the very same idea except I wanted to go to an ice-rink.

You should send invites with snowflakes on them and maybe attach a chocolate wrapped in golden foil paper.

You can burn a C.D full of the latest songs and play them while skating.
Your cake could be the shape of an ice-skate(The filling could be ice-cream !) and you could decorate your house with snowflakes and fake snow glitter. Your food could be all winter-style food.You could add a twist and could serve ice cream/sundae...Or you could all get edible winter glitter and snow and decorate your ice-cream sundaes yourself !

You could play some games on the ice, Like musical statues but on ice...This game gives you that teenage twist and guarantees the guests to have fun and to make everyone laugh.You could all link arms and skate real fast across the lake or make-up a dance routine with a friend before the party and perform it.

Change your light bulbs to a very,white bright light all over the house...For your room cover your bed with fake,white snowflakes and silver glitter spray.Cover your carpet with fake snow and be creative by putting fake icicles around the house and your room.

At the party you could have everyone dressing up in certain types of clothes or you could just dress up like winter princess ! Remember to take lots of pictures and give the guests a little thank-you gift for coming(Preferably something Winter-y)

Have an Amazing Party and I hope this helped :)

go inside do chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, maybe you can all decorate individual cakes, eat pizza, watch a movie... if you were inviting more people i would say turn your basement into a dance party but you need at least 20 people... then you could have a black light party by changing out the light bulds, buying neon glow sticks and paint and so on

movie theaters often offer packages for parties- go out skating then get warm w/some popcorn and drinks at the theater

depending where you live if theres a place like dave n busters near you or charlie horse theres some indoor entertainment--arcades pool or bowling something like that

as far as outdoors maybe skiing-- or paintballing, snowball war etc.
hope this helps good luck

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