What are good themes for a Sweet 16 party?!

Question: What are good themes for a Sweet 16 party?
My birthday isn't until September. My parents want me to start thinking of themes to do for my 16th birthday party. I was thinking a glow in the dark theme with black lights. Any other good themes? I am a girl. I love the colors green, pink, and orange mostly. I love zebra print too. I am going to invite about 10 of my good friends for a themed sleepover 16th birthday party. Any ideas on themes? How should I decorate? (basement of my house) How should I do the invitations? Thanks! :)


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I think you should make a zebra theme with your favorite colors; pink, green and orange! Or maybe even animal print, like other animals beside zebras. Animal printed sleeping bags lol. For goodie bags, uhm, you could include pins or bracelets that say 'Smiley's 16 Sixteen' (well, with your name lol) some girls do that where I live. For the invitations, all the ones I've been to had really plain invitations but I went to one, once, it was a square envelope with a hole in the middle, and a star came out of it. You pulled it and the envelope would open as if it were a fan and the invitation was revelled, it was lime green (the whole party was lime green themed, even the girl's dress) and had things written in silver, like the address of the place, the theme, thank-you's from her parents, her own little message, etc.

Hope I helped! Gah I'm sure I didn't I'm only 14 and we don't celebrate 16 birthdays where I live, we celebrate the 15 ones and normally girls go on trips or have a VERY BIG reunion until 4 in the morning and it's called Quincea?era :) The Alice in Wonderland idea, I liked though! I'll use it for my Quincea?era in July this year :)


I'm having my sweet 16 in march and I'm going to do the glow in the dark/ black light party.

I thought about having black trashbags on the walls and letting me and my friends paint on it with glow in the dark paint. (which you can do with your friends) It should be fun.
You could get glow in the dark bubbles, body paint, beach balls.
Just have a good time. :)

Oh, and have a silly string fight! :D
That sounds like tons of fun.

If you need anymore help just message me or something.

Here are a bunch of Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations - http://www.invitation-templates.net/birt…

A disco Theme

Alice in Wonderland

Set up a long table, covered with all different kinds of teapots, mismatched teacups and saucers, chandeliers, etc. Have an assortment of 'odd' chairs around the table, so that people have to sit at different heights. Use a colorful tablecloth.

Hide a stuffed toy representing the Dormouse in one of the teapots.

Hang colorful paper lanterns above the table

Decorate your door so it represents the rabbit hole, or the looking glass, where people have to go through to enter the party. Or use a play tunnel.

Hang up signs with 'this way', 'that way', 'up', 'down', etc. painted on them, like in Disney's Tulgey wood.

Put some clocks in the room that are stopped at tea-time.

Decorate the walls with playing cards (normal size or really huge ones from cardboard), and the floor with a chessboard-like pattern. Scatter around some chess pieces.

Hang a branch to the ceiling with a Cheshire Cat (or just it's grin) in it.

Use lawn flamingos

If you have a fireplace, put a large mirror on the mantelpiece. Or attach one to a door so people can actually go through the looking glass. If you don't have a huge mirror, create one with aluminium foil

Make rabbit paw tracks and put them on the floor, leading in various paths through your house and/or garden

Put up a children's swimming pool to represent the pool of tears

Make vulture heads and paste them on top of some umbrella's. Hang the opened umbrella's from the ceiling

Buy rose bushes at a garden store and decorate them with white and red roses

Stuff a big Alice-like doll into a small doll-house

Fill vases with white and red roses, and hide one or several brushes with red paint in them

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