how to plan a sleepover - slumber party?!

Question: How to plan a sleepover - slumber party?
see 2moroe im hosting a party sleepover slumber one and i dont know how to plan it cuz this is the first sleepover im gonna host and i want it to be perfect


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I love bleweyez's answer, you can also do a game (…
Play lots of music and sneak the boys in. (LOL j/k)
Mani / Pedi party

Plan a scavenger hunt for the early evening. Make a list of about 25 items. Make 2 teams or more depending on how many people, and give each team a side of the street or a certain few houses or the like and a time limit. The teams must go to the houses and ask for items on the list. When the list is completed they race back home or must return home before the time limit. Whichever team has the most items or all of the items in the shortest time wins. Items on the list should be things that you may find in anyone's home. Ideas would be: twist tie, cloths pin, empty paper towel roll, white button, Walmart plastic bag, empty Cool Whip container, a coupon, a candy wrapper, etc....

Rent a movie or two for late night. Have some popcorn.

Play model. Make each other up and do your hair all fancy have a beauty contest.

Have fun!!!!!

Do make up and nails
then dress up
then do a fashion show
then take loads of pics
then take make up off and put face masks on
then watch DVDs
then eat : popcorn crips chips pizza sweets prezals dips drink : cola fanta 7up
tell sceary stories

Or you can play hide and seek I love to play that at sleepovers it may sound childish but you will have so much fun trust me

14 year old girl been to lots of sleepovers and hosted them

Ok. Well, remember to get plenty of food! Get popcorn, chips, ice cream, cookies, etc.
Also you should clean up your room or find a place where you guy can sleep and clean it up.
If you want to you can have little tiny bags when they leave full of candy, stickers, tattoos, etc.
Make sure you have plenty of music for you guys to rock out.
You might not think of this but after when your done maybe watching a movie you guys might get bored. So ask your mom or dad if you guys could go to the mall, movies, arcade, etc.

You really don't have to worry about that much! Unless 10-20 girls or boys are coming over! Good luck! Have fun!

Make videos. :)
Dress up all crazy and just have fun with it.
Take tons of pictures.

Buy some silly string and have a silly string fight.
Rent some movies, and pop some popcorn.
Prank call people.

Just go with the flow.
Those are the funnest.

I have my friends over at my house all the time, they always talk about how fun it is.


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