What's ur fav dessert?why?!


What's ur fav dessert?why?

ice cream is my fav i luv every kind except banana but i luv banana split it really taste great mmmmmmmmm!!??

key lime pie cuz its really really good

I like eclairs.
Ice cream is also good.
So are oatmeal cookies....

Boy I'm hungry...

i make my own dessert.

as i am a very sweet person i take milk and put a body part of mine in it for 5 minutes. it becomes very sweet and tasty. it is cheap and not high in calories.

G'day Maryann A,

Thanks for the question.

My favourite desert is apple pie and icecream.

Simple but very tasty.


I have two all time fav's:

1. My home-made ice-cream.
2. Caramelized condensed milk straight from the can - gross I know, but so comforting and sweet after a **** day! Much more reliable too.

Mine is Charlotte Katrine which is made from ground almonds, good quality dark chocolate, un-salted butter and cream, as all desserts should be it is the most seductive thing ever !

this is a hard question to answer my dessert list is long...but if I had one choice...it would be "hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream" on top or ala mode....and a fresh cup of coffee to go with it....YUM...
WHY...is because it tastes so good the cinnamon and apples and brown sugar...and it reminds me of my late Mom who baked such wonderful desserts.....thanks for asking it was a great memory....hugs from Mama G

Any type of Ice Cream is yummy. Banana does not freeze properly, so that is why you dont like Banana.

Pitashio Ice Cream is yummy.

Strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Shortcake is my all-time favorite

Cheesecake, because of the Cheesecake Factory. . .SO good and comes in so many flavors!!!

I love and crave cake

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