How's THIS for a party idea,ladies?!?!


How's THIS for a party idea,ladies?!?

My friend and I belong to a women-only club. She wants to do a fund raiser at her house (very nice house). It will be women only but she's talking about having some male strippers dancing. They would be off to the side in little "coves" she has in several rooms and not "performing" per se, just dancing and they would be naked. Would this be something you would get a kick out of and maybe contribute some of your hard-earned cash ;) ?


It sounds fun, but male strippers aren't the sexiest things in the world. The whole lubed up, hairless, tanned buffed cheesy guy thing doesn't really do it for me.

Honestly, my girlfriends and I have had way more fun at female strip clubs. Female strippers are gorgeous, fun, and know how to flirt with you without making you feel disgusting.

Maybe you could have a mix of male and female strippers, I think that would work out really well!

I would not attend to that sort of thing...but to each his/ her own (taste)

I love the male body! But, I never got into those shows. I like really manly men, and there is something not so manly about a guy strutting around in the buff, in front of a bunch of women, that seems not so manly to me. Especially those shows where their flaunting the package and waving it in people's faces. I'm not like a prude either. I love sex in groups even but that just does not do it for me.

Well, male strippers are quite expensive! Don't you think it would be against the idea of a fundraising?

I think she should be very careful of who she invites to this and make sure that they are aware of the activities. I think some people would be offended.

male strippers are NOT sexy in any way, shape, or form...I'd pay to NOT have to see them at a party

probably not! arent most of them gay anyways?

Just say no!! Very tacky, especially for a fund raiser.

I wouldnt go with male strippers. They tend to be a little to "pretty boy" and a little to " i like pretty boys" themselves if you get my meaning. Since it is only women i might suggest a sex toy party... now dont get me wrong this doest mean every one bring theirs and get to it lol. Its a party that you host at your home. A sales woman comes out and talks to you about what products they offer to buy and their uses. They are usually women only, though they do have ones for couples. I went to one myself and we all got an order sheet and a pencil with a little rubber penis to go over the eraser. The rubber penis came in handy when she got to the flavored body rubs and paints and the chocolate body frosting. We all passed around the (new just opened) jars and dipped our little penis into it and had a taste. She turns on all the "toys" to show you how they work. Its a good time and a great laugh. Then you go back to a discrete room to do your ordering where she has all the profucts on display in their packages. You get your order there, that night to take home with you usually .The host gets a certain portion of all the profits made and she can usually use it to buy herself somthing but you could donate it to the fund raiser. Or maybe like ask everyone for every 10 dollars they spend on a purchase to donate 10 to the fund rasier. Or maybe just have a donation box. Serve several different kinds of alcoholic drinks to loosen everyone up and make them more at ease. Plus someone who has had a few drinks might be more eager to buy and to donate. Also have some snacks for everyone to nibble on. It's a fun evening and usually takes about an hour and a half or two hours for the demonstation and ordering then usually the ladies want to have some more drinks and talk about what they bought.

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