How do you toss a mixed salad??!


How do you toss a mixed salad??

any ideas?

that's when you use the jelly AND the syrup!

Tossed salad man from the Chris Rock "Bigger and Blacker" DVD


Put everything in a very large bowl and gently toss with wooden spoons to evenly distribute veggies, then serve.

With your hands!(clean hands of course)

You just take a fork and spoon or some other salad tongs and gently mix and toss the salad in the bowl. Some people have a bowl with a cover and just tip it over a few times to mix the salad. It is really not rocket science.

toss it in the airl, and catch every piece in a bowl!
remember the 10 sec rule too

take salad place in bowl, put plate on top of bowl, shake shake shake shake yo bootay!


place salad stuff in bowl take tongs and toss

either way should work

I like to do it underhand.

Add any veggies and even fruits and your choice of organic substance, mix up a few dressings, toss well!

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