Why does potato salad spoil in the hot sun?!


Why does potato salad spoil in the hot sun?

It has mayo in it! Mayo is made from egg whites and oil and spices! Eggs and egg products spoil quickly.

Read the nearest Mayo jar.

Same reason all the other foods spoil in the hot sun

casue potato salad has a lot of mayo and mayo goes bad in the heat


the oil and vinegar potato salad is the safest for outside eating picnicing.....the other one mayo, eggs one is safer for eating inside....or you'll get stomach cramps for sure.....and even worse...so be on the safe side....

Because it isn't being kept cold. Since you have to keep mayonnaise cold when it isn't in potato salad you also have to keep it cold when it is in potato salad

Any food will spoil eventually if you leave it sitting in hot sun for too long.

But... some potato and macaroni salads are especially sensitive if you make them with mayonnaise... which is terrible for you anyway. Sour cream is just as bad and spoils just as quickly.

So make it Italian style instead... use really good quality red-skinned potatoes, wash them well and cut them into large chunks with the skin on, cook to al dente texture, mix with pitted black olives, chopped yellow bell pepper and chopped red onion. Then dress them with fresh extra virgin olive oil, a little aged balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic, black pepper, and lots of fresh herbs...italian parsley, basil, oregano, and/or fresh savory. Very yummy, very healthy, and much slower to spoil.

Because it has egg and mayo in it which starts to break down after heat hits it. That's why it turns colors.

You should keep it in the shade and put it in a glass bowl atop another bowl that is filled with ice; cover it as well.

The mayonaise goes bad!

It is usually because potato salad has so much mayonnaise, which has eggs in and it dries out.

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