Where to take your girlfriend in birmingham?!


Where to take your girlfriend in birmingham?

Cadbury's World - trust me, you can't go wrong with chocolate!

On the train heading anywhere rather than birmingham!!!

Up the wrong un?

to london

To another state...


take her to the bullring

from behind.

Hi! Birmingham UK ? oooohhh!! don't go there ... to much going on there at the moment - searching for terror suspects.. It is a bit of a Dangerous place worse than Glasgow ! seemingly its Blacks V Asians. .. but that's all what we see Via the media.. there is the Bullring - or you could just sit and make out watching the cars go by at spaghetti junction.. Have a lovely time..

UK I presume? If you are looking for a romantic place to propose, try the Botanical Gardens - I took my girl there and now she is my wife. If you want to finish with her the Gas Street basin may be more appropriate.

Up the chuff !

Steven, it would help if you put which Birmingham you're talking about!


to the pub


to the indoor arena to watch someone perform, i saw Peter Kay there and was brillaint!!

or take her up the wrong 'un! lol

nearist instutute for the sick

malmaison in the mailbox is nice, hotel de vin is special. Are you looking to stay, or eat, or party?

if you are looking for restaurants www.birminghamplus.com is an excellent and very active local restaurant community review site, see the boards, what is everyone talking about this week.

If you're talking about Birmingham, Alabama, you're in luck. There's a seriously good music scene in Birmingham. It's an A-List stop for most alternative acts. Ona's is one of the Top Ten Jazz Clubs in the country, too. Highlands is one of the country Top Five restaurants according to Gourmet, plus there are a dozen or so other top-notch restauratns. Southside/Forest Park is a great place, as well as the Lakeview district.

Here's what you do. Pick up a copy of Black & White Magazine. It's free at most grocery stores, etc. in the Southside/Over The Mountain areas, and check out the entertainment listings. Seriously, you can't go wrong.

Good luck!

get the train 2 a another town!!!

I'd start with taking her to the train station.

All along the canals which are really nice now and very built up. The main square is always full of people as well and the buildings are interesting.

You don't say if Birmingham UK...
You don't say how old you are... there could be a difference if you are 13 or 31... see what I mean?

Is it a new g/f or have you been together a while?
Are you living in the city, or just visiting?

Where in the city are you? Do you have your own transport?

How much money is she willing to spend on you?

Try to ask your questions with some detail, so WE can be clear about giving an answer that is useful to you.

But Brum (if you mean UK) is a great city, with plenty to see and do... a walk in the Clent or Lickey hills... there are several museums in and around the city-centre, throwing ducks at the bread in Cannon Hill Park (a visit to the MAC whilst you're there will show her that you have some aesthetic qualities too)...

A visit to St. Andrews, The Hawthornes or Villa Park if she is so inclined...

Or to a cinema....

Or to the Ladypool Road for a cracking curry.

or - hang on... where you asking where you could take MY girlfriend in Birmingham??!

out of town

You should take her for a drink along the canal.. Pitcher and Piano is a nice bar... then you should get a black cab to the Arcadian and have some chinese food and some more drinks around there dont go to a really busy bar try and sit outside if its nice so you can actually hear each other talking.. then you can go back the canal for a romantic walk??...


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