If you could live one day as a roach, would you try it for a day?!


If you could live one day as a roach, would you try it for a day?

If I could be a roach in 'Joe's Apartment'.

nah i don't see what is so fun of being a roach

you want me to try to live for one day as the most hated bug on earth????????????????? to get stepped on and sprayed, and not to mention having all my liquids sucked out by a spider! Nope...don't think so....I'd rather be a worm and eat dirt and take my chances with the birds................

I've always been a roach in my previous life and it's not bad at all.
I used to go out for dinner with worms and ants, you know, in the best french restaurants in the wood !

of course but Id rather be a bird

sure its seeing something through anothers eyes

Kafka killed that idea for me!

no thanks...why? When there are so many other animals that you could choose from.

hm... i suppose it would be fun you could like do almost anything! lol but watch out for the feet my pretties! *laughs evilly* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! lol well got to get back to writing my story! lol


a roach for a day is how long i would live for cuz i will get stepped on


if I could it would be at my ex's house I would crawl all over him & bite him over & over again, he would wish he'd never swatted me, or run around on me or molested all those children., he is the scum of the earth.

No, I don't think I could stand myself. Yeccch!

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