How do you correctly spell ordirves ?!


How do you correctly spell ordirves ?

you know the little finger foods they serve on a tray at parties well hw do you correctly spell the word and if anyone has any recipies for tasty ones to serve at a party give here also . thanks

one of my favorites is bacon wrapped scallops with a sour cream and cilantro dip.


hor d'oeuvres

hors d'oeuvre

It is spelled Hors D'oeuvers

hors d'oeuvres


Up 'til now, only Mercedes and Michelle got it right.

Ain't it strange, how many of us are so anxious to display our "knowledge" when we are really clueless.

Hors d'oeuvres

You mean Horse Doovers? :-D


hors d'?uvre
hors d'oeuvre

Hors D'oeurves.
No. Seriously.

Hors d'oeuvres

It's french by the way.


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