What Meal Would You Eat Before You Died.?!

Question: What Meal Would You Eat Before You Died.?
1 Main Course 2 Side Dish's And One Drink


Cup of Ramen Noodles :D

main course: all you can eat sushi, mainly the kind with salmon
side dish: fresh garden salad with miso dressing (Sushi House in Alameda, CA)
side dish: mashed potatoes (Cheesecake Factory)
drink: fresh watermelon juice with pearls (Asian drink)

A really rich creamy pasta with garlic shrimp, bread sticks, blue cheese and walnut salad and a cherry coke. Can I have a dessert too? Cause it would be a huge hot brownie topped with a ton of ice cream and hot fudge.

i would eat a big feast like as if it was thanksgiving again...but also a little bit of mexican food too!!

I'm not sure, but I'd want a lot of asparagus included...whoever cleans up after my body lets go is in for stinky time.


Pressed duck with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and Champagne

I would like to eat barbeque meat and remy-martin X.O brandy.

Penne ala vodka with grilled chicken, hot bread, green beans, and Pepsi

cheese ravioli with meat sauce, mashed potatoes, mozzerella sticks and dr pepper

ill just eat and go where i want to go when i was young that's what i'll do

what ever worms eat.
I wouldnt eat.

that's a random question!!

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