Can ANYONE go Into, and Buy from a Restaurant Supply Company?!

Question: Can ANYONE go Into, and Buy from a Restaurant Supply Company?
this might sound like a stupid question... but heck! i have no idea!

I'm planning a reception and am planning to buy in bulk...

so may I just walk into my local restaurant supply store and buy?

or do you have to be connected to a restaurant of some sort? (like some beauty supply stores)

(please dont laugh at me too hard... I'm clueless on this! lol)




In all the ones I've ever been in, your money is as good as the next guy, but in some, if the next guy is in the business, he can get a discount.

Most restaurant supply stores I have been to will sell to the general public. I have been to some on line stores that won't sell to you unless you are a business. I guess it depends on the company.

Yes you can....I've been to the restaurant supply company (Bushong) many times to buy things.

yes they sell to the public as well

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