I have a bithday party tomorrow, I'm turning 16, do I still hand out loot bags?!

Question: I have a bithday party tomorrow, I'm turning 16, do I still hand out loot bags?

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Yes, but not little things like bubbles and stuff like that.

*CANDY CANDY CANDY, teenagers love candy
*Try like a grab bag for everyone to pull one thing out of as they leave and put some REALLY cool stuff in it but wrap them all in tin foil, that way they cant guess what it is.

I'm a teenager

lol i would say no..
but depends, if its only your close friends and you think they would enjoy a loot bag (i know i would love one haha) then you could.. but if you think it would be embarresing than save yourself the hassle.

No, thats a bit too young for you,
but what you could have is a bunch of candy or little things for people to take as they please :)

it all depends on what KIND of party and friends u have. my friends are crazy freaks so i give them candy and stuff but if you have something crazy like a rave then no.

it depends on what is in them. If it's "good" stuff (full candy bars etc.) then I would say yes. But if it's dumb dollar store stuff then I would take a pass.

YES. Teenagers like candy more than five-year-olds do.

I am a teenager.

i wouldnt you can do like a photo stand hand the pic out later

no thats dorky. only if your having a fairy party, thats fine.

no, your to old for that

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