Gormet Gas Grill reviews - Where are they??!


Gormet Gas Grill reviews - Where are they??

I'm thinking bout getting a gas gril, not the cheap ones, the ones that last. Does anyone have any sites I may visit that may give me independant reviews on these? So far I've looked at Capital, OCS, Viking, & Outdoor Kitchens. All are $2k & above & when I visit the retailer, they all say "theirs" are the best grill around. I'm looking for one that sets w/ an island.
Does anyone know if the rotissary back burners are any good? Some tell me they are great & others say they dry the meat.

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Check out the site below. They have some good suggestions.

Unless you are a seasoned grill-er, grill all year regardless of the
weather, enjoy rotisserie food, smoked food etc. I would
start with a less costly unit first, before investing a large amount of money and be unhappy .

Also, a good suggestion is how you will be using the grill.

Then check out the compare sites on the web.

good luck

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