Any original ideas for my 16th Party?!

Question: Any original ideas for my 16th Party?
My 16th birthday is coming up in April (autumn) and I need some ideas of what I could do for my party. I am aiming for something fun and/or adventurous over something girly. I have a reasonable amount of money I can spend but not massive amounts. My friends have used ideas like murder mystery parties, laser skirmish and sleepovers so I want to do something different.


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Take them out for dinner somewhere, then maybe go to an amusement park or invite them over to your house. Do you have a wii? That's something fun to play with a lot of people. Maybe you can try taking everyone to a hotel for one night so you can run around and be dumb and go swimming in the pool. You could also go wrap a house later on that night.

Not sure what weather is like in your area but if you like adventerous, maybe a hike or rock climb at a state park? Rafting? Helicopeter ride? Bungee jumping? Something along those lines? If you do an outdoorsy thing like the hike or rafting, you could camp out over night.

book the most fun club in your area.
do all the crazy stuff you ever wished for and haven't done yet.
hire some strippers can be fun (guy strippers), lol (joking)


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