At my 15th birthday dinner, do I have to pay for everyone?!

Question: At my 15th birthday dinner, do I have to pay for everyone?
Hi, I'm turning 15 soon, and I didn't want to make it a bit deal with too much organising, so I'm thinking about just having a dinner party at a restaurant. I'm inviting about 14 people. Each person will probably eat about $20 worth of food. Most of my friends are 15 or 16. Half of them have jobs and the other half don't. It will be too expensive for me to pay for everyone and I don't want my parents to pay anything.
Is it rude to tell my friends to pay for themselves, and how should I tell them?
Is having people pay for themselves but not bring a gift, a norm?

Feel free to suggest any other ideas that would be inexpensive and require very little organising! Thanks in advance!!


Invite them all and on the invitation challenge them to gift wrap a $10 bill very creatively as their gift to you. It can even turn into an activity if they each present it to you and explain their idea.
It should cause loads of excitement and be affordable for all and that means you end up paying half the amount for the dinner making it more affordable for you. It will also remove the stress of looking for a gift for you which most people appreciate.
I would like to add that if you manage to do the dinner make it more fun by eating backwards from the menu, I mean they eat dessert first then the mains and then the starter if they still have room.
I have done it and it was loads of fun as you eat the nicest thing first when your tummy isn't so full.
They might also end up not ordering expensive main course dishes if their sweet tooth has been sorted. Desserts are also not expensive in comparison to the rest of the menu items so just by doing that your bill should be lower..
I think I will just steal my own idea for my child's birthday party, she will be 16 yrs old on the
23rd of March.

Adults normally pay for themselves and also cover the cost of the meal for the person who's birthday it is. Why don't you have a bbq at your place instead. Ask each person to bring their favourite salad or garlic bread or marinated meats and put on some music. Get your Mum to help you make a big bowl of non-alcholic punch and let the party roll. A weekend afternoon would be a good time to have it.

No if you invite people somewhere for your birthday you have to pay! because its rude if you dont. ask your parents about it... otherwise just plan a day for everyone to go out but not for your birthday... or ask one of your friends to throw you a party there so they can tell everyone that they have to pay for their own food and it can still be for your birthday!

How about a pizza party at your house? You can order in a lot of pizza and not charge your friends to celebrate your birthday. Or, you could have a pizzamaking party; lots of fun, but messy. You or your parents will put out a lot less money and you won't disrupt a restaurant with that many people celebrating a birthday.

oh, my dear.. that will be your party,right? you must inform your parents instead..why need not to tell them about the sounds more shameful for your part if you will be inviting friends and expecting them to pay for it..they could approve it but think it isn't so good.. i may advise you it's better to share this matter to your parents..good luck!

A dinner party at 15? Guess're parents will be paying for it. I don't know a restaurant out there what would let a 15 year old organize and plan a dinner party at their place of business.

You've invited them to a party....that means you're paying...or, in truth, your parents are paying.

Well if they are not bringing gifts, they can pay for themselves. However, this is usually not normal since the host of a party (yourself or your parents) usually pay for the party. The guests come to enjoy the day with you, so have fun.

It'd be a generous thing to do, and then ask them to bring extra money just in case they want to buy something else.

you dont necesarrily have to pay for them. Ask your parents.

At your age, the norm would be for your parents to pay.

No you don't have to pay for everyone!

It's up to you to pay it yourself or have friends invited pay. But you have to know this point :

If inviting some ones, it may mean you or your parents will pay.
If the group of your friends suggested it, it might mean they'll pay.

If invited, it might mean bringing some gift for your birthday. ^^

Conclusions :
If you invited, you have to be ready to pay for all of them. But your purse is not thick, of course it will be as you are just 15, and if you don't want to have your parents pay, what you can do is following :

a. reduce the number of people invited to fit to your purse if you have no mind to have them pay.
b. If the invited are very close friends, then tip them to pay a bit for what they'll eat. ^^
c. Otherwise, throw the party at your home economically.

You invite your friends for your birthday, But they feel burdensome for your birthday gift. Then in addition, have them pay for what they'll eat is not a good manner. I'm afraid those invited might blame you and about invitation behind you.

Suppose you are invited to your friend's birthday. You have to bring a gift and you have to pay for what you eat??? Will you go there? If the inviter is your very close friend, you'll willingly. But if not, you will speak ill of it, won't you?...^^

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