Do we live to eat or eat to live?!

Question: Do we live to eat or eat to live?
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eat to live. No I mean live to eat. Wait.... I mean eat to live or was that live to eat.
Do you live to answer or answer to live

It depends on your personality/mentality and how much you enjoy food. Some people obviously eat just for sustenance, while others love to enjoy food and live to enjoy food. So it depends. Do you enjoy savoring your food or you eat just about anything just to get full?

we humans do all the hard work and study and all things just to stay alive in this ****ing by saying that we live to eat will be a correct statement. even the animals live to eat.every little living thing on earth lives to enjoy living and enjoy eating.chao.!

In our earlier age we think that we live to eat
in due course we have to eat to live.

I eat to live but some people live to eat that's why we have so many obese people in the world :-)

of course people love to eat and spend alot of time and money on food &....
but we "eat to live".

we eat to live and we live to eat

yes..we need to work and reap the benefits.. we can't just rely from others of whatever they may share to us..every one must move and do it's own part..
have a nice day!

base on real life

i think we eat 2 live, but my mums always saying ''what are you doing on this earth if u dont eat???''

Generally we eat to live.

Obviously eat to live.

I live to eat. My SO eats to live.

Eat 2 live.coz there r so many thngs 2 knw at earth...

We eat to live

Of course we eat to live,Mickey!

eat to live.

eat to live..

eat to live

eat to live. :)

yes eat to live

eat to live................unless your rosie o donnell

we eat to live.

we eat to live.

we are earning for that only . so your question is bad

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