Retro party food for kids?!

Question: Retro party food for kids?
My little girl is turning one next week and we are having a BBQ for her party. I have all the main meal food sorted but am trying to think of treats that we had as kids at parties. All I can come up with is chocolate crackles, honey joys and cup cakes. any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Well, the three ideas you have are a great start and go down well! :)

Here are some others that my kids LOVE and I remember having as a kid ~

~ Fairy Bread - white bread, butter and 100 & 1000's sprinkles

~ Fairy / Butterfly Cakes - use a basic cup cake - cut or scoop out a small section of the top - fill with a little jam & cream - cut the section of cake you removed in half - place on top of the cream to look like fairy or butterfly wings - dust with icing sugar.

~ Jelly Cakes - similar to lamingtons - but instead of chocolate coating - use raspberry or strawberry jelly - make jelly as per packet directions - set jelly for about 1 hour (needs to be not liquid but not completely set 'wobbly' - dip cake in - coat in coconut - very pink, look great and taste YUM :)

~ Strawberries and Marshmellows - using a bamboo skewer - thread strawberries & marshmellows onto sticks (other fruits also work well but strawberries do look good - you can also coa strawberries in chocolate if you want something really decadent!)

Hope the party goes well ~ 1 is such a milestone :)

How about English Muffin Pizzas. Let the kids top and make their own pizzas using English muffins as the crust. And Cranberry-Orange Trifle for deserts with Raspberry jello as that was the flavor we had on hand, added the mandarin oranges on the top.…

I used to love these tarts that my nana made - Make tart cases from butternut snap biscuits by putting them in the oven for a few minutes to soften and then mould into those round-bottomed pans to make a bowl shaped bikkie. They will harden up again, then fill with caramel made from condensed milk, brown sugar and butter.
Another oldie but a goodie is cut orange halves, scoop flesh out and fill cavity with orange jelly, let set, then cut into wedges. They look great. Just don't attempt it on a hot day, I found that out the hard way :(

There are always s'mores, seven layer bars, and Rice Krispie treats if you're going for the junk. The healthier would be ants on a log (raisins atop peanut butter-filled celery) and just plain old cheese chunks or rolled up slices for one-year olds.

fill a pinata full of pudding since your little one won't be able to break it think of the surprise on the face of the person who does

These are 2 great ones.

ice creams, jelly

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