What is the best wine to drink with seafood?????!


What is the best wine to drink with seafood?????

help got the dinner but just realised no wine. What should i get red or white or even rose we are having seafood. Do ya think I should get my date a beer in? Do men drink wine ?

Men do NOT drink wine. Unless its to get pissed.
If drinking wine with seafood the general rule is to make the wine as strong as posible. This is to kill off the sewage bacteria that inhabit most items of seafood.

i think red wine, it depends on the man whether he drinks it ask him or get some beers just in case

I think a medium white with Seafood.maybe a Pinot Grigio

rose or white is good, get one of each, and some beer that way cant go wrong if he likes wine you have plenty if not hes got beer instead

Chilled WHITE is best - something light and dry (Sec) is best.

My teeth are watering at the thought - may I come too - just for the meal ?

White Reisling is good with seafood. Men usually drink red wine if any, white's a bit poofy but get some beers in too.
Have fun!

a chilean chardonnay

do men drink wine? please!! only those that are refined enough to appreciate it - but then there is a palate for everything, even chitlins!! go with a champagne, or a white wine... perhaps even a rose as most full-bodied reds will overpower the subtleties of fresh seafood. i think its important that you like wine yourself if you are going to serve it... otherwise, just skip it... sure, buy some beer and always keep it in the fridge

White wine with fish - a good chardonay????

I highly recommend choosing a White wine with every seafood dish. It will be light, and won't interfere with the taste of the dish. I would recommend a good Pinot Grigiot or Chardonnay. I prefer a chilled, more fruity Pinot Grigiot. Bon Appetit.

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some drink red others drink white!

white wine..

I'm with chef Seven and EDD for your wine selections. I'm very impressed that you would give that kind of consideration for a wine. If you know your date to be a wine aficionado go with their recommendations they are full proof. My recommendation is to have the wine play second fiddle to the entree. I believe both should compliment each other but the flavors of the entree stand out more, but that's just me, good luck

white or zin


Buy a bottle of wine. Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio
is a nice wine. If you go to a wine store in your area the people there a very knowledgable. A nice Califonia Chardonnay is a good choice as well. Buy a six pack of good beer and you have everything covered.

White is traditionally served with seafood, but people are mixing it up more nowadays.
I really like a Pinot Grigio with any kind of seafood. Be sure to chill it.
Beer is also great with seafood if that's what you think your date would like. What kind of beer goes well probably depends on the sauce or flavoring on the food.
Of course men drink wine! Well, some do. Just like some women prefer beer. But, if he's a good guy, he'll appreciate whatever effort you put into this dinner.

White - Sauvignon blanc from the Marlboro region New Zealand, tastes like the Loire Valley wines which are famously great with shellfish

first get the beer it always nice to offer a beverage before dinner. and we are not talking budget wines here try
Caymus Conundrum from ca
or Henri Bourgeois - Sancerre from France
on a budget try Cono sur - Gewurztraminer from Chili


Some men do drink wine but some don't so you'll have to ask him but for the seafood either a rose or a white wine, preferably European (especially on the Rose). Anything from Portugal in those categories will be great because they eat tons of seafood over there so their wine is designed to match up with it.

white wine!!

white zinfadel for me please

White, Rose, or Beer and most men do drink Wine.

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