Gormet Gas Grill reviews - Where are they?? Cons. Rpts. don't do reviews.?!


Gormet Gas Grill reviews - Where are they?? Cons. Rpts. don't do reviews.?

I'm looking for a gas grill w/ island & need help. I'm looking for the quality grills, not ones sold by sears, lowes, home depot, etc. Does anyone have sites I can visit which would recommend the "best" grill for the money? I've looked at OCS, Capital, Outdoor Kitchen Concepts(nice), & Viking. All above $2k. I don't want to be sent to a Lowes site or a site that reviews how to find a grill, I'm looking at brands.

Charcoal is not king if you know how to use a gas grill properly.

Anway, reviews aren't hard to come by. Here are some sites with comparisons and reviews:
http://www.grillsearch.com/html/grillcom... (This one is probably the best. It compares a lot of features by brand).

man stick with charcoal, you wont be sorry, gas kills all the good flavor, you might as will just cook it in your kitchen. get some bricks and custom build a kick *** one right into your island.

Sorry - my house is a charcoal only & I wouldn't even begin to try anything on a gas grill since our stuff turns out wonderful everytime.....We have a smoker as well & no matter what you throw on it turns out fabulous!

My parents are finishing a new house they have built & they went to "Appliance Factory Warehouse" for their $3,000 gas monster....Try there

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