Theres this high school party tonight...?!

Question: Theres this high school party tonight...?
Ok, so like im pretty suer its open house, but I heard the girl thats throwing it wants to know the people who go, and the thing is I don't really know her. People have told me that I could go, but do you think its ok if I go? I'm planing on going by myself, cus all of y friends already are going with other people, and their cars are full. If i ring the door bell do you think I'll get kicked out? Do you think itll be akward if I knock on the door?


I always said if not invited, then did not go. But that was back in 1964? I usually like to sit in my basement and build custom cars.

It might be awkward to go alone if you don't know the person throwing the party. Try to see if you can get a ride with friends, or at least show up with them.

Otherwise, you are an uninvited guest and you don't want to get that reputation.

If it IS an open party, do not knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Just walk in.

^^^^^ this.
But, show up at the door with your friends instead of alone. If she's throwing an open house party, then just introduce yourself at the door and be all "party here?" She would probably just let you in..

if it's a bday party or something private, don't go, but if it's just a saturday night party just show up. no one gets kicked out of any party worth going to.

go with your friends and tell your friends to tell her that they wanted to bring a guest

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