How much should I spend on entertaining?!

Question: How much should I spend on entertaining?
Thanks for answering my question.
My friends and I (3 of us total) (students age 20-21) have been alternating cooking dinner on Friday nights and I think we should discuss how much we should spend on the night so that no one is stingy or overly generous.
My roommate on the other hand thinks this is OUTRAGEOUS for me to suggest.
What do I do?


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I would not bring it up even though I do not think it would be outrageous if you did. As students, it would be assumed that none of you are affluent. If someone chooses to be overly generous, that is their decision. Their budget may allow for this. It is all about having a pleasant social evening. It is not a contest to see who provides the best dinner or the most expensive dinner. It is a chance to possibly try a new recipe or stay with a tried and true recipe.

If the cost is not mentioned, each person will provide a dinner that they can afford. If they are more affluent, they can choose to provide something more expensive as a treat. If they are on a strict budget, they can be creative or look for items that are lower in price to build their meal around. If you set a price limit there may be concerns about spending as close as possible to that amount.

Have the guests bring drinks, and you provide the food. It'll all even out. It's all about having fun with friends, and not money, right?

Cooking for three people, you will probably be spending anywhere from $30 to $60.

it a lot of money

Hmmm, how about some pasta? ^-^

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