BBQ ideas for a wedding?!

Question: BBQ ideas for a wedding?
im planning a wedding on a very small budget,

we are planning to have a bbq =)


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BBQ for a Wedding! Awesome! Stick to the summer months - or maybe Fall. Pork Shoulder is great, because it's relatively cheap and can feed a lot.……

Good idea! Crowd pleasing food and a relaxed atmosphere. You could always coordinate with some of your close friends and see if they are willing to help make/bring dishes.

Baked beans (homemade or canned) are cheap and delicious. If you get canned, they are easy to jazz up with extra bacon or spices.

Potato salad is also cheap and easy and crowd pleasing.

Fresh fruit would be a welcome, healthier addition to the menu, but a little spendier.

Cheese and cracker platters make for nice munchies.

**A note for keeping yourself clean (if you are the bride), buy a big apron to wear for you and your bridesmaids so if you slop on yourself, you don't ruin your dress.

Do you have a store there called Smart and Final? If so, that's a restaurant supply open to the public. You can save a lot of money on bulk food for a meal like a reception.

You could get bulk meat there too. Like tri-tip, ribs, or chicken.

And they have pre-made cole slaw, macaroni/pasta salads, potato salad, chips, drinks, etc.

But I'm not sure if Sam's Club has bulk foods too.

Good luck.

I think this is horribly inappropriate. The bride might get a stain on her dress.
I am appualed! These sort of memories must be cherished. I just think it is a dangerous gamble.

Squirrel, it's cheap because it right outside your window. :-)

ROADKILL its free :)

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