Sorority founders day celebration?!


Sorority founders day celebration?

small celebration with award ceremony

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10 months ago
I am looking for ideas for a simple but elegant celebration. Pleas help me!

10 months ago
I am looking for ideas for a simple but elegant celebration. Pleas help me!

Well if it's elegant it might be fun to have a high tea. Coffee, tea, and water are the beverages. Then have an array of sandwiches cut into fours with the crusts off. The sandwiches should have a wide variety of fillings and breads. Think cucumber with cream cheese, minced ham, egg salad, tuna salad, even peanut butter with a small slice of banana in it! Deviled eggs, small fruit kabobs, muffins, savory biscuits, cookies, small fruit tarts. It you want to serve dips or spreads you have to have them already on the cracker/toast which is time consuming but you don't assemble your snacks at high tea. You can make this stuff yourself, buy it from a grocery or deli, or even hire a caterer it all depends on your budget. The food is generally all cold foods so once it is displayed there is no fuss--good when the hostess wants to enjoy her own party.

To decorate you would have white table cloths and centerpieces that have the sorority colors in them. You can use plain white plates or even go to a food service store and buy clear plastic plates and clear plastic tableware. They are more elegant looking than the other plastic stuff. Of course if you have pledges to wash up you don't have to worry use the real stuff.

I'm an AOII and our Founders day celebrations were usually just an old-fashioned tea (OK we cheated and did hot cocoa, too...but January in Ann Arbor was never pleasant weather). Neighboring chapters might come visit and alumni groups would send reps. We had a quiet, dignified ceremony. Afterwards, they stayed around and we had a brainstorm session on Greek Week, fundraising, etc.

Not that the tea and the ceremony weren't special, but they were low-key and in keeping with the dignity of the day.

A good celebration my sorority does is a brunch. Neighboring chapters are invited to come celebrate with us, we have a blessing for the organization and a short program. Decorations can be as simple as flower centerpieces. Everyone always enjoys it. We usually go to a hotel so we don't have to worry about the setting up, clean up or food prep.

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