What to eat for Superbowl Party with 60 people?!

Question: What to eat for Superbowl Party with 60 people?
I'm getting the food for a college superbowl fraternity party. My only idea so far is to get wings. Do yall have any good suggestions?


Little Caesar's pizzas. It's not so bad for $5 a pie. Perfect to order for a party.

Maybe BBQ a bunch of burgers, dogs, and veggie burgers. Someone should be appointed to food duty during the party. Maybe multiple people, switching times so they can have fun, too.

Wings work. With 60 people you're not going to want to set out chips and all that on tables. Too many people. Make sure there is plenty of beer, of course. Multiple kegs.

If you do the BBQ thing, you could take orders so there's not a mad rush to the food.

You could also get a huge pot and make chili a day or two ahead of time. Heat it on the stove and serve as requested. Just make sure nobody doses it.

Meatballs, wings, chips, dips, lil smokies in bbq sauce, totino's pizza bites, 7 layer bean dip, ....make people bring some food (definitely drinks) getting food for 60 people is going to be $$$, especially since some of those people might bring more people.

Good luck.

i got two of those giant party subz from subway one year. they wur greattt! wings r good too

beef chili & corn bread
salsa & tortilla chips

ham sandwich dip

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