Why does Paula Deen love butter so much?!

Question: Why does Paula Deen love butter so much?
Like fer real..


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She trusts my surgical skills.

I'm a heart surgeon

Just for the record, it's not just Paula Deen...most real chefs would use butter or real oil (like EVOO) instead of the fake stuff. Most cooking shows are focused on making things healthy, which means no butter...and is why you don't see as much butter use.

When baking, you really should use real butter instead of the fake stuff, the flavor is incomparable, and the texture it gives food is best too.
In other cooking, like when you saute vegetables, the flavor of butter can enhance your food, instead of just greasing the pan.

If you've never cooked with real butter I strongly suggest that you try it out...at least once. =) You'd be amazed at the difference. I use it in special recipies only, as I trying to watch my weight and it is definitely not diet friendly!

Ugh! I can't *STAND* Paula Deen! She smiles like Stewie from Family Guy when he's up to something mean.
Anyway, she's a southern cook. Southern cooks use butter, not margarine because margarine is made with oil and water. The oil and water separates during cooking and then you have all that extra water in your recipe. It ruins it.

Because she is from the south and when baking and preparing food, butter tastes so much better than margarine or shortening. She doesn't care about the fat, does she ever prepare anything healthy?

Well butter is really good but bad for you obviously. I think she just loves the flavor kind of like how I like hot sauce on everything :)

It's called addiction.

'Cause it is gooooooood!

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