14th birthday party ideas?!:O?!

Question: 14th birthday party ideas?!:O?
well, im a girl xD and im having my 14th birthday on the 15th of march and i have no idea what to do for it >:0
im into the japanese and korean cultures and drawing. I act a little older than my actual age and i have friends ranging from 14 - 17..
so id want something everyone could enjoy.. including the guys.

if you have any ideas, please tell me!
much appreciated~

nisha ^___^


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What about a Hawaii Themed Party (by the pool) Wear Hula/grass skirts, flowers around the neck. You could buy Tiki Lamps ( I don't think they're that expensive). Maybe make an exotic fruit punch and a BBQ.

Another idea is dress as your favourite character from a movie/ pop star/ celebrity. Glamour/Vegas style party...everyone to get all dressed up.

I heard of someone having a Lady Gaga themed party once where everyone dressed in Gaga style....it sounded pretty cool! Or maby a neon part where every one wore ducktape on thier clothing and wore bright colors!
get glow sticks but play glow stick tag! the best game ever! ok to play glow stick tag someone has to be it! the person who is it has to have a pillow case over her head so she cant see anything. the game is played in the dark. glow sticks are given to everyone and turned on the glowsticks will be visible under pillow case. the person tries to catch peeps with lights and who ever they touch is it! kinda like zombie , dead man ect. and something to go with the tee peeing is egging u shuld egg houses. find a way to get ur parents to do something else. go sleding have an epic snowball fight. Go intertubing, thats when u ride a tube down a hill, its really fun and exciting!! oooh make snowcones! no one thought of that one! snow cones! have an unlimited amount of the flavor stuff and thier is plenty of snow outside so u use that! oh and if thier isnt enough snow outside just buy an ice shreader and a ton of ice! or u could just smash da ice wit a hammer! u could hang somewhere like a cofe shop(so u woudnt have to be wit p-arents.) hot chocolate or apple cider! watch dumb movies and u can make fun of them movies like Twilight and Titanic ,(those are good movies but peeps like to make fun of em) Have a tent slumber party and sleep outside!dance to music
have an epic water ballonn fight! be sure to cheat and use the hose

You could have an Anime themed party. You'll first need to pick a show to base your party off of, then you'll need a costume- because you can dress up as your favourite character. It could be in your garage where you could decorate the walls like the main characters room or the main colours of the show (if it has, like, colours in the show's title- you know what I'm talking about). The cake could also be decorated like this.

A dinner party at a sushi resteraunt is good, as well. Just make sure you invite the appropiate amount of people (which would be up to seven).

Another idea I had is you could, like, have a Japenese pop party. How you would do this is choose a wide variety of Japenese pop music groups and play their music. They must all look/dress alike and you could get the girls who are going to your party to dress like them and you could dress like them, as well. Guys could wear what they wanted as long as it's brightly coloured (so, in the invitations, under 'dress' put 'brighty coloured clothes'). It would either be in your backyard or inside your house. You'd need to decorate everything neon!

If you'd like to go for something more quiet, you could have a traditional Japenese or Korean themed birthday party which would include you dressing in traditional Japenese or Korean clothes and your friends as well. Everyone would do traditional Japenese or Korean things while at the party and you could decorate the party by hanging up traditional Japenese or Korean scrolls or anything for 'good luck.'

One last thing you could do is ask your friends what they like in a party and make sure that that is included.

Good luck, happy early birthday, and I hope I've helped!

My brain.

Playing games & Watching movies is always fun. Then you need a yummy snack like this chili cheese bean nachos & dip. In this video it looks really easy and fast to make. I'm gona make it for my party. hope this helps.


U could rent a party hall and decorate it Korean Japanese style and have a dj and good food and everyone will love it

Can u answer mine?

Have your own fashion show. We worked on one for Hello Kitty!


sushi restaurant :D

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