Chocolate Tasting Party?!

Question: Chocolate Tasting Party?
I am holding a mini baby shower (baby sprinkle, diaper party) for my sister in law, since she had a shower for her first child, and didn't want to go about having a full meal at the get together. I thought about appetizers, but then remembered she's been craving chocolate like CRAZY this pregnancy. So I thought a baby shower/chocolate tasting party. Does anyone have any tips on how to pull this off? Have anyone ever done a Dove Chocolate Tasting Party? Does it cost money to do one of those? Any advice is great thanks!


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Have one of those chocolate fountains, and a bunch of strawberries and bits of angel food cake to hold under the fountain.
Have some chocolate cheesecake in tiny squares
Have sparkling water or champagne (both probably)
Have some spicy chocolate, like the dark choc with cayenne in it.
Have some chocolate covered salty items like pretzels
Make sure people eat normal food before arriving, or they will feel sick....

That is a great idea. Most people love chocolate. Don't know about the Dove thing. But you could have chocolate in different forms. Hot chocolate, chocolate cookies, cake, ice cream. If you get ahold of a dessert cookbook, it shouldn't be too expensive to make some unusual desserts yourself. If you could pull it off, a chocolate fondue with fruits, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows to dip would be great. Have fun!

The Hershey company has regular chocolate tasting classes. I'm pretty sure that if you contacted the company/store in Pennsylvania you could purchase supplies.

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