21st Birthday.. Ideas?!

Question: 21st Birthday.. Ideas?
My 21st birthday is in 2 weeks and I don't know what to do, I really really need some ideas. Thanks :D


Go out to dinner with friends.

Pub crawl!

Choose an area where there are several bars in a close range...walking range. Map them so nobody gets lost. Start at one bar, have your birthday drink...and I guess let your friends have a drink...on to the next bar! Just make sure everyone has a sober driver. I did this for my g/f's bachelorette party (pub crawl and scavenger hunt) and rented a huge passenger van to tranport everyone. We have one friend who can't drink due to certain medications, so she was the driver.

A bonfire!

Karaoke bar!


If you want it to be tamer or not just a drunk fest you could go to one of those paint places where everyone paints a picture and has wine. Some of them are called Sips n Strokes, something like that.

A party. Every party needs a yummy snack. Chili Cheese Bean Nachos & Dip. It's easy and fast to make. I'm gonna make it for the Super Bowl Party & future parties we may have.


Go to Las Vegas with friends and do what they did in that movie the Hangover :D
Atleast that's what Im doing for mine


I just got flat-out drunk.

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