is this a good idea for my 15th birthday party(:?!

Question: Is this a good idea for my 15th birthday party(:?
ok so im having my birthday party next weekend! and i was thinking since my party is gonna be a rave theme (its gonna be safe no drugs alcohol etc. parents will be there:D) that i should get 4 of my closest girl Friends to make tutus and were them at night for the party(: does this sound like a good idea? and what other things would i need to make this party perfect give me ideas!


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go out before the party or to ur room and u and ur 4 friends dress in really nice dresses than have ur parents roll down something red like a carpet and ask them to put some music on then all four of you come down the stairs like princesses or celebratie s wat ever you want then put tik tok on you know (the party dont start till i walk in)it will be cool

my creative imaginaton

i like the tutu idea, cause its rave, cool theme by the way, just remember neon colours, like pink, blue, green ETC, and ask your guests to where as much bright colour or colours in general as they can, try and keep away from black.

don't forget music, have a area for people to dance, and have be a bit dark, but not to dark you want people to be able to see, and of course glow sticks, have them out to each person
and you and your friends should attatch a whole bunch and wear them as necklaces.
and bright colour food as well. maybe do some like neon colour balloons on the ceiling, and bright streamers.

You can see a movie with all your friends or after the party hangin' out with all your friends! you can do a great party if you have fun with all of them, you can play games or something like that!


Sounds lame. You should have something cooler

You don't say how many kids total will be coming to the party... If you're having quite a few and they are willing to dance then you can have a rave party no problem.

Raves are really about just having a great dance party and a ton of fun. You don't even have to dance with anyone in particular, everyone just jumps around and dances in general. =)

If you can have the party outside, or in the garage then that's going to be best so you don't have to worry about you or your friends breaking anything. If not then ask your parents if you can totally clear one room in the house and put something down to protect the flooring.

I'm going to go forward assuming you can have it say in the garage...

These are going to be super cheap & could have your 4 friends help. You need some old sheets in solid colors and some paint. If the sheets are dark colors splatter/spray them with florescent colors or white, if the sheets are white/light then splatter/spray them with what ever you like best. Once you're done you just hang/place the sheets around the perimeter of the room. This way it'll cover up any dusty old shelves and stuff. You'll also need some black can get black light bulbs that will fit regular lamps, or small bar style ones, put these around to make your painted sheets glow.

Just keep it simple and have snacks and soda/water. You can put a couple lamps or candles on the food table so that you can see what's up while you have the lights out and just the black lights on.

You can play what you like best, but a party mix or high energy music is typically what's played at a Rave... Remember basically it's a big dance party. Also keep a small light or lamp near the CD player so that you can make changes with out fumbling in the dim light!

Have your friends dress in wild combos, and especially any colors that will react with black lights! If you want a tutu, then go for it, and pair it up with some funky tights/capris and tennis shoes or flats. It's all about being creative and having fun! Ask your parents about doing wild makeup or face paint for the evening. Also crazy hairstyles, or hats are always good, maybe even a wild color streak that can be washed out.

Party Favors:
If you have a Dollar Store (Dollar Tree in my town) or a party supply store you can get cheap "glow stick" type bracelets, necklaces, and such. Pass these out so people can wear them or play with them in the black lighting.

If you decide to have a Rave party I hope this all helps!

Years of party planning and always planning them on a budget.

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