Conjoined Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: Conjoined Birthday Party Ideas?
Me and my BFF are having a conjoined Birthday party, our birthdays are in March and we are both turning 14 mine is on the 7th and hers is on the 18th. I looked up other other conjoined birthday parties and like most of the answers were like: Spa party, Movie party, bowling, iceskating. Honestly i really DONT like those ideas. haha cus we do all tht regularly. Im thinking of something REALLY FREAKIN BIG. Ya kno?? SOOO PLEASSEEE giv some ideas!! <3


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Depends on budget, my dream bday party would be getting all my friends and going skiing! but considering that most likely wouldnt happen, it would be fun for you and your friends to go to a hotel, get like a large room (for food and stuff) make sure the hotel has a pool and fun activities!
hope i helped!:)

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