Do you get upset when people step on your white shoes at a bar??!


Do you get upset when people step on your white shoes at a bar??

You are at a bar...hello...Last night a guy bought me a drink because he step on my K-swisses...I keep em clean, but I really understood. i don't know if he felt bad or intimidated!! ( i am a bigger guy, but a softy!!) I felt bad about it because it is not a issue to me. I know a few guys who will fight over it really that big of a deal? i mean you are at a crowed place, what did you really expect??

I don't get upset if someone steps on my shoes... Or bumps into me... Unless it's on purpose..... At a bar you have to expect to be bumped into, stepped on or fallen on... especially toward the end of the night... *lol* :)

oh yes always

have another drink, it won't bother you as much

YES!!!!! That is sooooooooooo disrespectful !!!!!!!! Watch where your big feet are going out there!!!!!

yeah i hate ppl stepping on my clean new shoes.........but not at the bar cuz i dont go there!

it not the point of the shoe being white its more of the fact that you have been working all day and want to unwind sitting at the bar and somebody steps on your foot that hurts like hell what you think its not about the white shoes its about the sore feet

Send the offender (male) a drink. A "Pink Lady" or some sort of femm drink like that.
If its a chick, you're on your own. I try not to step on men's feet as a pickup line myself.

cause you gotta keep em clean

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